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Bio pellets

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BAC Organic pellets are organic fertiliser pellets for enhancing used soil and cocos.

BAC organic pellets.
The BAC organic pellets contain a high concentration of organic substances. 
These are easily absorbed by the soil and stimulate root formation. 
They also promote soil biodiversity.
Dosage: 1 full hand per 5 liters of soil / coconut. 1 KG per 10 m2 of soil / coconut.
NPK: 10-4-6
10% nitrogen (N), of which 5% organically bound
nitrogen and 5% urea nitrogen
4% phosphate (P₂O₅), soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate.
6% potassium (K₂O), soluble in water.
The organic matter content is at least 45%.

Store dry and dark.
Keep out of reach of children.
Transport upright.

Available in 4,5 kg.


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