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Fastfood Mineral

Fastfood Mineral

  • €1900

With BAC Fastfood Mineral you have a fertilizer that has been specially developed for the entire life cycle of Autoflowering plants. This fertilizer can be used with all types of growing mediums, and can also be used with growing systems or irrigation systems. This 1-component fertilizer makes the job of watering your plants very easy, you only have to adjust the dosage to the stage your plants are in.

Use Fastfood Mineral in combination with BAC autostimulator for the best results. Fast food is developed for each cycle of the plant (growth and flowering) without a need for other additional products.

4-5 ml per 1 liter of water. Provide with every watering. The dosage largely depends on the type of plant being grown, so we recommend a minimum dose of 4 / 5 ml per liter of water, which can be increased according to the needs of the plant and cycle of the crop. We also recommend the use of leaf enhancers such as Pro-active and Foliar spray to speed up all processes.
NPK 2-4-5
2.2% of total nitrogen (N), Phosphate 4% (P), potassium oxide 5.2% (K2O)
Ca, Cu, Fe, Mn, S, Zn

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