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Starterskit (groot)

Starterskit (large)

  • €8300

The BAC Organic Starter Kit has been put together so that you can easily get acquainted with the high-quality organic plant food from BAC. The starter package contains everything you need for +/- 1m². As an extra promotion, the package even contains enough Root Stimulator, Bloom Stimulator, Organic PK Booster and Final Solution for several times. At the next breeding, you only have to buy extra Organic Grow and Organic Bloom. 


  • X-Seed 10 ml sachet
  • Organic Grow 250 ml
  • Organic Bloom 250 ml
  • Organic PK Booster 250 ml
  • Root Stimulator 30 ml
  • Bloom Stimulator 30 ml
  • Final Solution 30 ml

Note: the dosage is only a guideline for use. No rights can be derived from this.

Can be given with every watering.

See the growschedule for more information.

Where the organic growth ensures optimum construction of the skeleton, roots / root hairs, growth shoots and leaves of your crop, the organic bloom ensures the production of flowers and sugars. The PK booster makes explosive production of sugars in the crop possible and improves the taste, odor and quality of your end product. 

The stimulators improve and accelerate various processes. For example, the root stimulator accelerates the production of roots and the flowering stimulator ensures better and faster absorption of nutrients. Finally, you can use the Final Solution to convert waste salts into high-quality and quickly absorbable enzymes.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Margreet H.

De bestelling ging vlot en de levering was supersnel en prima geregeld. Voor de werking van de producten kan ik nog geen resultaten geven omdat dat meer tijd nodig heeft. Wel jammer dat er geen gebruiksaanwijzing bij zit in het pakket. Ik weet dat die van de website gehaald kan worden maar toch onhandig.

Jonathan D.

Fast shipping, perfect condition, bring it on, thankyou

Jonathan D.

Fast shipping, perfect conditi
on, bring it on, thankyou

Zoran S.
Bac Bio starterset

Erg tevreden over de producten, de klantenservice is ook behulpzaam.

Alles voor een tevreden klant, Zoran. Bedankt voor je feedback!

Bart A.

Supersnel geleverd zonder problemen!

Weer fijn om te horen. Een positieve waardering ia altijd van harte welkom!

BAC Team

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