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Bloom stimulator

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Stimulates the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium ensuring faster absorption and transport of the nutrients (K) in the plants. This means that your crop will grow flowers quicker.

Furthermore, these micro-organisms ensure the creation of oxygen and binding the oxygen in the capillary. The soil is also protected against various soil diseases by the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms. BAC Bloom Stimulator has a cleaning effect on the drippers so that the drippers and hoses are not blocked. Moreover, this bloom stimulator increases the pH value near the root. Always store in a cool place and do not use enzymes for these organic products; these are created by micro-organisms! This bloomstimulator is very highly concentrated.

Dosage: 2 ml per 10 liters of water. Can be given with every watering.

For more information on usage :

Note: the dosage is only a guideline for use. No rights can be derived from this.

Can be given with every watering.

See the growschedule for more information.

Available in: 60 ml, 120 ml, 300 ml and 1 liter.


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