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Funky Fungi

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BAC Fungi comprises of, among other things, 4 types of Mycorrhizae. By using these fungi in conjunction with BAC Stimulators, they will colonise more rapidly and continuously around your crop's root system.

Mycorrhiza is Greek for 'fungus root'. It is a symbiosis between plants and specific fungi. In nature, Mycorrhiza fungi are required for the survival of all plants. They are adjusted perfectly to find water and minerals in the soil and to transfer them to the plant. Through photosynthesis, the plant will create the carbon connections it requires with which it will, in turn, feed the fungus. Both partners profit from each other, which is the reason why over 99% of all plants enters into such a symbiosis.

These fungi grow in and around the plant root. From the root, they grow in the ground and create a tight-knit network of fine fungus threads. This increases the size of the root system thus improving the absorption of water and minerals, such as phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. The fungi can reach soil pores that are too small for the plant roots and can make bound elements available to the plant.

Instructions :

Use 5 grams per plant around the roots and mix well into the soil.

Available in 50 gr, 100 gr and 200 gr.


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Customer Reviews

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Jeroen V.
Top product

Heel goed , top product

Goed om te horen, Jeroen!

gert B.
Zeer Smakelijk!

Normaal gebruik ik funky funghi altijd om plantjes erbovenop te helpen die minder liefde krijgen van de natuur.
Nu heb ik het laatst experimenteel op mijn Japanse wokchampignon gegooid, en oh my was het funky. Een van de meest smaakvolle dingen die ik ooit geproefd heb. Absolute aanrader!!! Een tevreden klant Gert.

Bedankt voor het delen van jouw positieve ervaring, Gert.
Hier kunnen we maar één ding op zeggen: 'Eet smakelijk!'

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