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X-Seed Sachet (10ml)


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X-Seed is one of our 100% natural plant enhancers. It is a revolutionary product to improve and accelerate seed germination!

X-Seed is a completely vegetable product for the treatment of seeds and is also used in horticulture. It is an excellent means of promoting seed germination. In addition, it is a root and growth stimulator in one.

You can use X-Seed to treat various vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, lettuce, cucumbers and cabbage, as well as small flower seeds. The successful results have been demonstrated through tests by the Faculty of Horticulture of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

With X-Seed you increase the plant's resistance to pathogenic fungi, in particular specific diseases that attack the roots. The fact that the product is 100% natural means that X-Seed can be used in both conventional and organic agriculture and horticulture.

Instructions :

Place enough X-Seed in a bowl for immediate use
10 ml is sufficient for 20 seeds.
To avoid contamination of the product, only use the product for a single group of seeds and do not return the remaining liquid
Let the seeds soak for at least 60 minutes before planting.
This treatment can be applied to untreated and chemically treated seeds, whereby X-Seed is compatible with any other product, biological or chemical.


Is very effective

Offers a certain cultivation
Is not a synthetic chemical
Accelerates root growth
Increases the vigor of the plant
Improves the plant's immune system
Increases the absorption of fertilizers and nutrients
Eight days after sowing, the treated plants are between 300 and 400% further and better developed than untreated plants!


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